Weight loss
after 35 is hard.

Weight loss
after 35 is hard.

The truth is, losing weight, keeping it off, beating fatigue, and feeling your absolute best after 35 requires more than just diet and exercise. My program is specifically designed for women like you, offering a personalized approach that boosts your metabolism, balances your hormones, and reduces stress.


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If you've been struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts, your hormones are most likely the culprit. Hormonal changes often begin around your mid-30s, making weight loss nearly impossible. Are you waking up feeling exhausted, experiencing mood swings, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, and sudden weight gain around your abdomen? Despite having "normal labs," your hormones are likely the reason for your weight gain. It's time to address these imbalances and take a different approach for sustainable results.

It's time you finally feel seen, heard, and understood.

You don't have to do it alone.

“It’s not that you are lazy or unmotivated, it’s your hormones making it nearly impossible to lose and maintain weight loss.”

"A Hormone Focused Weight Loss Program Empowering Women over 35 to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Reignite Confidence to Thrive in Every Aspect of Life."

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The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Boost your metabolism, making it easier to burn calories and prevent future weight gain.

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready, with deeper, more restful sleep that helps you recharge.

Experience fewer cravings and a more balanced appetite, helping you make healthier food choices effortlessly.

Say goodbye to mood swings and brain fog. Enjoy a clearer mind and a more stable mood, making daily challenges easier to handle.

As you lose fat, you'll also build muscle, giving you a stronger, more toned physique.

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"I've always been a go-getter, but for the past few years, I felt like it was a struggle to get through each day."

I worked with Dashauna and was finally able lose 40 pounds which put me at my goal weight. Once she showed me how my hormones impacted so much more than my weight, I was able to finally feel so much better. Before, I was constantly drained, snapping at my family, and struggling to focus at work. Now, I have the energy and focus to get through the work day. My mood is so much better, and I can genuinely enjoy my time with my kids. This program didn't just help me lose weight, it gave me my life back. I only wish I had done this sooner!

Jennifer Lost weight and gained so much more

"I went from feeling discouraged to finally seeing results."

I have PCOS, and weight loss has always been a challenge for me. I've tried every diet under the sun. My primary care doctor doesn't believe in using medications for weight loss and only told me to watch what I was eating and exercise. If only it were that easy! I hadn't had a period in months and did not want to take birth control.

A friend referred me to Dashauna, and it was a game-changer. For the first time, I didn't feel rushed through an appointment. She created a plan that helped me to finally lose weight. My period came back, and my hair stopped falling out. My blood pressure improved so much! I never thought it was possible that I would feel so good, but Dashauna helped to make it a reality.

If you're struggling with PCOS and feeling hopeless about weight loss and your symptoms, I highly recommend seeing Dashauna.

megan finally reached her goal

"I went from feeling stuck to finally reaching my goal"

I'm 43 and had a good feeling I was in perimenopause. I never really struggled with weight. When I was in my 20's, I could go running and cut carbs and would easily lose weight. Then I hit my 40s and nothing seemed to help me lose the weight that almost appeared overnight. I spoke with my gynecologist and was told everything was normal. But I knew the mood swings, waking up all hours of the night, and the sudden weight gain was not. Dashauna listened to me and prescribed medications to help me finally lose weight. I started hormone therapy and used the supplements she recommended. I finally started sleeping which made all the difference in the world. I've lost 18 pounds and feel better than I have in years. 

sarah saw changes on and off the scale


My approach to weight loss will change your entire life.

Dashauna franklin, nurse practitioner

This program is the only one of its kind because...

IT addresses the root causes of weight gain which is often hormonal imbalances.

Hormones are the missing link, bridging the gap to a healthier metabolism and a balanced life.
When hormonal imbalances are corrected, the body’s metabolism functions more efficiently. This synergizes with the effects of GLP-1 medications such as semaglutide and tirzepatide, leading to more effective weight loss and improved metabolic health.

Hormonal balance is key to maintaining weight loss and overall health in the long term. By addressing these imbalances, we help patients achieve lasting results, reducing the likelihood of weight regain and improving their quality of life.

A personalized approach created just for you

We begin with a thorough evaluation of your hormonal health, including detailed lab work and symptom analysis. This helps us pinpoint specific hormonal imbalances that may be contributing to your weight gain and other symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, and sleep disturbances.

Our personalized approach goes beyond just numbers on a scale. We look at the full picture of your health, including energy levels, mood, sleep quality, and overall vitality. By tailoring our program to your unique hormonal profile, we help you achieve a balanced and vibrant life, not just weight loss.

age hormones begin to decline

of women experience weight gain during perimenopause and menopause 

of women with PCOS experience weight gain due to insulin resistance

the average number of pounds a woman gains as hormones decline in perimenopause and menopause





This      for you if:

You feel like “something changed” and weight loss is harder than it’s ever been.

You are looking for quick fixes rather than sustainable, long-term solutions.

Feel tired and lack energy even after a full night’s sleep leaving you feeling unmotivated.

You are not ready to commit to a comprehensive program that includes medical supervision and support.

You are tired of feeling gaslighted by healthcare providers and Want a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of your health struggles once and for all.

It's probably         for you if...

You prefer traditional diets and exercise routines without integrating new methods.




Grab your seat today and learn why hormones are the missing link in your weight loss journey. 

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